Over the past few year Mindfulness has become increasingly popular. However, very few people still know what it actually is all about. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose without judgement. This definition may seem simple but the practice of mindfulness is powerful.

Although there are many approaches to Mindfulness, Lucius’ approach is secular, non-religious. Mindfulness can be adapted to support each person’s needs. Some people have added it to their own religious/spiritual practices and some just use it as a form of social/emotional support.

Having set programs up in schools, Lucius strongly believes that mindfulness can be a helpful component to any education including public and private school, homeschool, after school programs and so much more. Lucius works with schools and families to integrate mindfulness throughout the day. Mindful Us also helps foster mindfulness in other communities including recovery, business and much more. If you are interested in having Lucius help you set up a program click here.

Lucius will having workshops for the public and private organizations. View the workshop schedule here.