InterChange in Action

Penny for your thoughts? Perhaps not. But there is a penny for one minute of mindfulness.

InterChange was created to give people a way to represent the power of mindfulness. When a person does at least a minute of mindfulness s/he puts a penny in a jar. As time goes by the person can see how practicing mindfulness, even just a few minutes each day, can add up. Eventually those pennies can be donated to a charity showing that mindfulness not only helps the person practicing but creates a ripple effect of positivity within the community.

While I have been practicing InterChange with own my family, recently it went public at Gresham Middle School. Students picked and voted on the charities to contribute the pennies (Young-Williams Animal Shelter is for January 2019).

After just two weeks we collected $14.00 as a school. That is at least 1400 minutes of mindfulness practiced, over 23 hours!

Students are excited with the progress and more students are wanting to join. As more teachers integrate this into their classroom having available pennies is imperative. In order for the program to be successful we need donations. Please consider being active in making a change and helping our students. Click here to learn more.

A drop in a bucket- InterChange Begins!

Have you ever thought something started out so small that surely it wouldn’t go anywhere? Well, InterChange has officially begun with one penny!


A drop in a bucket (or one penny) can begin a might river that can move mountains. I only hope that InterChange can have the impact that I know is possible.

When we practice mindfulness for at least a minute, put a penny in a container. Decide on a charity to donate the pennies you collect. Eventual donate the change and make a difference! Seemingly simple idea with huge potential.

For more information in how to get started visit InterChange.

To get and give support join our InterChange Community.


Make a Change- InterChange

On May 1 Possibilities Exist is taking this to a new level. The effects practicing mindfulness can be thought of like a drop of water in a bucket. Gradually the bucket will fill up.


But as a Science teacher and a person who wants to maximize the benefits I wanted to figure out how to fill the bucket more. That is where InterChange comes in!


Since mindfulness is interpersonal and can support the building of community I wanted to find a way to not only measure mindfulness on a personal level but also how the ripple effect of the positivity can affect others.


InterChange is about maximizing the effects of our personal mindfulness practice to make a huge difference in the world. Stay tune for May 1 roll out!