Parents and teachers are busy, period. We have suit up and show up. Self-care? Tomorrow. But tomorrow shows up with a whole new list of activities to accomplish. This summer take time to reset and take care of yourself.

Add “Mindfulness” to Your Summer Checklst

This summer there are many opportunities to establish or reestablish your mindfulness practice. You can take the six-week online course (for more information see Embracing Mindfulness. But that is not your only opportunity!

Need time to practice Mindfulness? Want to experience mindfulness for your self? Join us June 3 for “Mindfulness for Educators.” These dates will be an hour and half of guided practice with alternating sitting and walking mindfulness. Join us at the Meaningful Life Center from 6:30pm-8pm.

Summer break can be a great time to reset and re-establish your balance. Save the dates- June 3 for guided practice at the Meaningful Life Center and register for Embracing Mindfulness course set to begin May 29.