I meet people all the time in pain or just wanting to find ways of dealing with stress. So many are interested in learning mindfulness but don’t know how or can’t afford courses. I want that to change. I offer courses at severely reduced rates (usually 50% off what other individuals and groups charge). But if you fall in my main community- parent, teacher, or person in recovery $75 can still seem unreachable. I want to make it more attainable. Register from May 11-May 17 for $25, from May 18-May 24 for $50. May 25 the registration goes back to $75. If you have been thinking about learning mindfulness- do not delay. This is your chance. You are worth it.

Want to learn mindfulness but don’t know where to begin? Need to get re-established in your practice? In this six-week online course (yes, you can learn mindfulness from the comfort of your home), you will learn the basic practices for mindfulness including focusing on the breath, sitting with feelings and connecting with others in meaningful ways. Each week there will be a live conference call (which will be recorded and accessible for later viewing if you are unable to attend or simply want to review it) with the guided practice for the week, forums to extend the practice and support along the way.

There will be individual forums for each of the communities- teachers, parents, and people in recovery. The mindfulness practices are the same but you will build community and discussions around the issues that affect you the most.

The courses will run May 29-July 10, 2019. Access the course, forum, and support from anywhere you have an internet connection. Register here for Embracing Mindfulness: An Introductory Course. To find out about other workshops and courses offered by Mindful Us click here.