Overachiever Extraordinaire

Recently I have had several people say that I am an overachiever and others have said that I am too happy and positive. Now this is an interesting situation. First of all, yes, I am busy and I am doing a lot. Second of all, I am just getting started!


When preparing for the Olympics or trying to become professional sports players do people call them overachievers?

There have been times in my life when I did not achieve anything. For years I struggled to find my purpose. I grew up several years living in low-income housing and have been relatively poor my entirely life (no rags to riches here). My mom did a great job getting me involved in activities. However, I never felt good enough. I struggled with self-criticism, unhealthy patterns, and a general lack of ability to find solutions. That has drastically changed.

I want to find solutions. I want to help people not hurt. I want to connect with people (even though there is a part of me who wants to run). I want to have purpose in my life. I want to help others while also taking care of myself. I want to change the world for the better. I want to be somebody. And today, I am somebody whom most days I love, I respect and look forward to getting know more.

As a father, husband, teacher, friend, son, and person of the community I want people to feel safe, to be able to grow, and to feel that they matter in this world. I have dreams of  developing programs and ways to make things better. I am working toward teaching people how to nurture themselves, to learn skills they can take with them and possibly pass on to someone else.

The thing is- I have not even begun to tap into my potential! So the next time someone tells me I am overachiever I am just going to say, “Thank you! But you haven’t seen nothin’ yet!”

To help this overachiever reach his next vision of teaching students and families social/emotional well-being skills that will hopefully last a lifetime please donate


(Note about funds: This money will help support a Parent Academy, get educators trained, get supplies for educators in implementing the program and provide me with training to be able to teach educators how to teach the program (this is for the long-term sustainability of the project). Sounds like a lot????? Yes, I am an overachiever with big plans to help people!)